Founded in 1971 by Clermont and Raymond Lessard, father and son, Trusco Enr. began operating in St-Joseph-des-Érables in a building barely 1,200 square feet in size. During its humble beginnings, the company manufactured roof trusses for mobile homes, with Glendale Québec as its sole client. These trusses were made from sawn lumber with glued and nailed plywood gussets. The company doubled its manufacturing area after only three months of operations, and one year later it occupied a 4,800 square foot building. In addition to the two owners, Trusco Enr. had four employees at the time.

The following year, the company purchased a hydraulic press so they could begin using metal gussets instead of plywood gussets.

In 1973, the company changed its name to Les Fermes Clermont Lessard Inc., though they were better known as Lessard Trusses. At that time, the company decided to expand its expertise and began manufacturing roof trusses for modular homes in addition to roof trusses for mobile homes.

Right from the start, Lessard Trusses took part in research and development trials to improve the performance of hinged trusses in the modular field.

In 1976, to continue its expansion, the company purchased a second building across the river, in the industrial sector of St-Joseph de Beauce. Structures St-Joseph is still located there today. Always looking to expand its field of expertise, the company began manufacturing roof trusses for the residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors.

In 1985, tragedy struck Lessard Trusses. Raymond Lessard, president of the company, was killed in a car accident; his wife inherited the company. To ensure its continuity, she decided to sell a portion to her brother-in-law, Gaétan Doyon, who was president for several years. The other part of the company was passed down to Raymond’s son, Harold Lessard.

In 1986, the company changed its name to Structures St-Joseph Ltée. At the time, it had 25 employees.

For just over ten years, the two owners worked hard to grow the family business. Various investments enabled Structures St-Joseph to make a name for itself in terms of productivity and quality.

In 1997, Mr. Doyon retired and sold his shares of the 40-employee company to Yvan Bégin. Also in partnership with Harold Lessard, he worked diligently to grow the business. In addition to roof trusses, Mr. Bégin decided to diversify his product offering by adding open frame joists. It was around this time that Structures St-Joseph invested in the American market and began to export some of its production.

To respond to the new markets and growing demand, Structures St-Joseph Ltée made several major investments. Many expansions, the purchase and installation of hydraulic presses, laser systems, delivery trucks and automated saws are but a few examples.

In 2004, Mr. Bégin’s son Pierre-André joined the team. In the following years, the company decided to offer a full range of construction products: steel structures, wood engineered products, prefabricated walls and prefabricated floor footings. To keep on moving forward, Structures St-Joseph acquired a second factory in St-Joseph de Beauce.

A few years later, Yvan’s second son, Jean-Philippe Bégin, joined the company.

Faithful to its past, Structures St-Joseph remains a family business with a long history: Harold Lessard, grandson of the founder, and Yvan Bégin and his two sons continue working to offer you the best possible service.