Wooden Structural Components:
Beams, Columns and Stirrups

Structures St-Joseph designs and manufactures any other components that may be required to assemble your wooden floor or roof truss structure: beams, columns, stirrups.

We only use products approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC), which we research and select to best meet your needs.

Benefits of our Different
Components for Wooden Structures


LVL beams with mechanical properties that are recognized as being the finest in terms of both bending and crushing.


From our partners, we select the columns that represent an excellent performance/price ratio and provide a great deal of on-site flexibility.

Standard or custom-made stirrups

The stirrups we distribute can be used for several purposes: fixing beams to a beam, joining together trusses, improving the bearing capacity of components, anchoring walls to foundations, etc. We also manufacture custom-made stirrups with specific shape or capacities.

Small steel structures

Sizing, manufacturing and shipping of small steel structures to complement your wooden structure, making sure that they will fit together seamlessly.

Other products to meet your needs

Your project requires specific products such as glulam beams or structural components from another company? Our team will assess your needs with you and guide you towards the different options available to you, whether it be our products or the one you prefer.

We can also manufacture products for your non-standard projects such as conical walls, spiral geometry turrets or elliptical roof trusses for temporary structures required to pour a concrete culvert.

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