Floor Joists

Structural Wooden Joist Design and Manufacturing

We design and manufacture custom wooden open-web joists according to your project’s specifications. Our joists exceed the National Building Code standards, providing increased floor strength.

Why Choose
Structures St-Joseph’s Wooden Joists?

Design and manufacturing flexibility

  • Custom-made open-web joist heights and lengths meet your span or architectural criteria without compromising performance.
  • Openwork nature of our wooden joists simplifies the addition of mechanical building components.
  • Free up extra space to accommodate large elements such as main ventilation ducts.

Wooden joist performance

  • Better than the Building Code requirements.
  • Made from 2×3 or 2×4 with reinforced metal connectors where needed based on your project’s requirements.
  • Designed one by one with the most effective software available so that each floor component will do its job correctly.

Speedy installation

  • No on-site adjustments, measurements, cutting or reinforcement required, so you can erect the structure faster.
  • Each component is clearly identified and a complete installation plan shows precisely where to install each joist.
  • Our floor joists are easy to handle as they are lightweight due to their openwork design.
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fabrication poutrelles

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