Prefabricated Walls

Prefab Wall Design and Manufacturing

Our prefabricated walls are designed and manufactured with precision, respecting every detail of your specifications. Whether for exterior, party or interior walls, our team takes special care to produce a quality product that is easily installed on the site.

Why Choose
Structures St-Joseph’s Wooden Prefabricated Walls?

Top quality standards

  • Every wall features flashings above the openings.
  • All our vapour barriers are duly sealed with acoustic sealant.
  • Minimum #2 grade kiln-dried wood is used.
  • Excess material is removed from wall edges for proper jointing of building envelope at the site.
  • Polyethylene membrane installation to limit water infiltration risks.
  • Hole in wall OSB for improved venting of air chambers.

Manufacturing to customer’s specifications

  • Meticulous respect of your technical specifications.
  • Each prefabricated wall panel is manufactured based on the desired combination of materials.
  • Production line adjustments depending on your insulation needs.
  • Ability to manufacture according to LEED, Novoclimat 2.0, soundproofing and firewall standards.

Expert design of your prefabricated walls

  • Skilled technicians throughout, from quote to design.
  • Guidance in your prefabricated wall design choices: structure, fire protection, building envelope, insulation.
  • High-performance software that integrates the various construction components, thereby eliminating unforeseen on-site problems and speeding up installation.

Technology-based wall manufacturing

  • Use of the most up-to-date technology available for optimal quality.
  • Precise marking and automated sawing of your prefabricated wall components facilitate positioning of parts and improve accuracy.
  • Laser projection of nail locations on the wall frame, on top of materials, ensures nails are centred during panel installation.
  • Factory-based manufacturing and covering of walls, sheltered from bad weather.

Increased on-site efficiency

  • Schedule, material and workforce management made easier through predictable prefab wall delivery and prompt installation.
  • Assessment by our team of material quantities, production times and load calculations for load-bearing elements.
  • Maximizing material use in the factory allows for less on-site waste and associated costs.

Tall and large walls

  • Large size prefabricated wall panels can be manufactured in one piece.
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