Roof Trusses

Wooden Roof Truss Design and Manufacturing

Roof construction as well as codes and standards requirements are complex. At Structures St-Joseph, our team has the necessary expertise to help you carry out your project by designing and manufacturing roof trusses optimized to fit your needs.

From simple to complex renovations, from residential to industrial construction, our team can make the difference in your project, whatever the architectural or engineering challenge.

Why choose
Wooden Roof Trusses from Structures St-Joseph?

Complete, precise and straightforward installation plans

  • Positioning of each structural component produced for your work sites.
  • Cutting and assembly details to facilitate installation.

Strength of our roof trusses

  • High quality mechanical properties.
  • Custom design based on specific project requirements.
  • Optimized attic clearance for better insulation and thermal performance.

Quality manufacturing

  • Straight, precise and manufactured to industry’s highest quality standards.
  • Custom-made models manufactured within a reasonable time frame.
  • Use of top quality NLGA (National Lumber Grade Association) certified materials of at least grade 1 or 2 to ensure consistency of truss element dimensions.

Module assembly

  • Factory assembly of trusses, towers and hip bases allows for faster on-site installation.

End cap with finish

  • Truss ends with factory-installed tarred fibreboard, weather stripping and battens to facilitate project completion.
  • Installation of firewall gypsum or OSB for garage gable closure.

Temporary structures

  • Trusses for temporary complex geometry structures such as concrete formwork over a waterway.
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