Wooden Structure
Technical Drawings

Our team is present right from the design phase of your project. They will review your standards and construction site specifics to make sure that your structural component meet your expectations and are easily installed.

Reasons to Have us Produce
the Technical Drawings for Your Wooden Structure

Complete installation drawings

Our team produces clear, precise and comprehensive plans. Our knowledge of the realities of the job site means that we can provide plans containing all the important information, without any unnecessary details, in order to improve your on-site efficiency while making sure the entire structure is installed in a safe and orderly fashion.

Powerful tools

Our team of drafting technicians uses the finest 3D design software currently available for light structural projects. Whether for roof trusses, prefabricated walls or floor joists, each structural component is incorporated into a unit that ensures flawless integration during on-site installation.

Competent staff

Our team regularly attends in-house and external training sessions to keep abreast of new standards and breakthroughs in the sector. This way, you are sure to enjoy exceptional service and sound advice.

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