Structures St-Joseph open frame floor trusses are custom designed and manufactured for your project. They exceed National Building Code standards and ensure increased solidity of the floor.



Structures St-Joseph’s open floor joist system offers unparalleled flexibility. Whether to span long distances or meet architectural requirements, the height and length of the joists are customized to your requirements. You can rest assured that our joists will be of the utmost quality, no matter what length you choose.

Because Structures St-Joseph’s joists are open, building mechanic components such as electricity and plumbing can be added easily. You have to insert large components, such as main ventilation ducts, in the joists? We can free up an area to put them through. Simply make arrangements for this with our design team.



The performance of joists by Structures St-Joseph is well established. When you choose our team, you can be sure that your floor joists will exceed Building Code requirements. Made from 2 x 3 or 2 x 4 lumber, the open frame joists with metal connectors are solidified where necessary and have the advantage of being designed specifically for your project. All our joists are designed one by one using the most efficient software on the market. By choosing open frame floor joists, you are building with the assurance that each floor component is designed to perform properly.


Fast Installation

Structures St-Joseph floor joists are made to measure and do not need adjusting at the work site: they do not need to be measured, cut or solidified, which speeds up installation and allows you to erect the structure more quickly. Each component is properly identified, and the complete installation plan clearly indicates where to install each joist.

Because Structures St-Joseph’s joists are open, they are light. This makes them easy to handle at the work site.


Assembly with Caissons

To accelerate joist installation at the work site, Structures St-Joseph can pre-assemble the floors. Generally in 12-foot wide sections, these caissons can be installed very quickly on site. This option also simplifies building material and waste management when your floors are being built. In addition, the subfloor and continuous connections for the flooring are preinstalled. Combined with prefabricated walls, this solution allows you to raise the building and close the envelope faster, to provide shelter from bad weather. Contact us for more information on preassembled floor caissons.