Structures St-Joseph Ltée prefabricated walls are carefully manufactured according to your specifications. For exterior, party or interior walls, Structures St-Joseph is the place to go.


Production standards at Structures St-Joseph are among the highest in the industry. For example, all our walls have flashing above the openings, and we use acoustic sealant for our vapour-seals. The lumber is always a minimum of No.2 grade and kiln dried. Moreover, particular attention is given to the recesses of peripheral materials to ensure proper jointing of the building envelope at the work site. Because polyethylene sheeting does not completely waterproof the wall, it is always installed between two wall plates to minimize the risk of water infiltration. Moreover, the OSB of the walls is perforated to help aerate the air chambers. These few examples show the attention to detail on the walls to provide a superior-quality product.


According to Your Requirements

You can rest assured that Structures St-Joseph wall panels will meet your technical specifications. We manufacture each panel according to the composition of the wall you want. Whether you need uninsulated outdoor walls or walls with all the materials from exterior laths to interior laths, we adjust our production line to your request. Do you need a supplier to help you with your LEED or Novoclimat 2.0 construction? Do you want to add party walls with sound-proofing or fire-resistant products to your service offering? Contact us to learn about the opportunities.


Expert Design

Skilled technical personnel will answer your questions. At the estimate or panel design stage, our team will help you with your choices and guide you through your project. For any questions about structure, fire protection, the building envelope or insulation, our team is there to help you make the right choices.

The Structures St-Joseph team uses powerful software to integrate all the construction components and eliminate unforeseen problems on the work site. The installation of various components directly at the work site is greatly facilitated and accelerated.


Technology-Assisted Manufacturing

Structures St-Joseph readily uses the best technologies available on the market to ensure the level of quality you demand for your walls. For the framework assembly, the pieces are cut using automated saws marked with a precise printer to facilitate placement of the pieces and increase precision. To make sure the nails are correctly centered when the panels, membranes and laths are being installed, laser project systems draw the wall frame over the tops of the material.

In addition to all these technological advances, Structures St-Joseph manufactures and covers its walls inside the factory, sheltering them from the weather.


Work Site Efficiency

Prefabricated walls have many advantages. Managing the schedule, materials and labour is much easier for the site manager. Regarding the estimate and the evaluation of materials, the team at Structures St-Joseph looks after laying out the plans, calculating the correct quantities of material and evaluating production time. Moreover, the project manager is not responsible for any decision regarding load-bearing components.

With regard to waste management, manufacturing in the factory allows us to reclaim a lot of material and maximize its use. You do not have to pay to have excess material removed, and the quantity of refuse generated by your work site is significantly reduced. In short, choosing prefabricated walls from Structures St-Joseph is the best choice for you and a wise choice for the environment.

The result? A solid construction, achieved quickly, without problems, and very little garbage! Walls by Structures St-Joseph will help you reach your construction objectives.


High and Large-Size Walls

Our state-of-the-art factory allows us to manufacture wall panes in one piece up to 16 feet in height by 40 feet in length. With shorter panels, this process allows us to manufacture very high walls. The photo here shows a 23-foot high wall. Contact our team to learn more about the range of possibilities.


Metal Stud System Walls

In some cases, walls made out of fireproof materials are required in specific areas of a building. The Structures St-Joseph team has the knowledge and expertise to estimate, design and manufacture load-bearing or non-load-bearing metal stud walls for any project requiring this type of product. Also, when you do business with Structures St-Joseph for all the components of your structure, you have the assurance that all the components are seamlessly connected.