Roof configuration, just like code and standard requirements, are increasingly complex. At Structures St-Joseph, we continually strive to meet this growing complexity. Whatever the scope of your project, the architecture problem or the engineering challenge, our team will assist you and help you complete your project the way you want it.

From residential renovation to complex industrial renovation, the Structures St-Joseph team will make the difference.

Complete Installation Plans

Installation plans produced by our technical team are complete, precise and without ambiguity. They designate the position of each structural component for your work site and indicate the cuts and assembly details to facilitate installation on the lot.



Structures St-Joseph roof trusses are resistant, solid and comply with plans and specifications. Their mechanical properties are of high quality and are custom made to meet project requirements. In addition, they provide ample space in the attic to facilitate insulation and obtain increased thermal performance.


Quality Manufacturing

Roof trusses produced by Structures St-Joseph Ltée are straight, precise and manufactured according to the highest industry standards. State-of-the-art equipment allows us to manufacture custom-made models, as quickly as possible.

Made with wood stamped by the NLGA (National Lumber Grade Association), Structures St-Joseph roof trusses are manufactured with premium quality materials. No.1 or 2 grade, minimum, the wood is kiln dried, which maintains consistency in the measurement accuracy of prefabricated components.


Module Assembly

For porch trusses, turrets and hip supports, module assembly facilitates and greatly accelerates installation on the work site. For more information, contact your representative.


End Trusses with Finishing

In addition, Structures St-Joseph offers gables with finishing. Usually sheathed in tar-coated fibreboard, a weather barrier and laths, these capped trusses make the project considerably easier. These roof trusses can also be covered, with gypsum board for example, to create a fire separation in the attic or with OSB to close the gable of a garage.

Contact our team for more details on these value-added products.


Temporary Works

Roof trusses may also be used for temporary works with complex geometry. The photo here shows elliptical-shaped concrete formwork over a stream.


The Longest Roof Trusses in Quebec

Did you know that the longest free span roof trusses in Quebec were manufactured by Structures St-Joseph? Reaching 110 feet outside of the wood walls, these trusses were manufactured with 2 x 8 MSR grade lumber. They were manufactured at our factory in the 1980s and delivered to the work site with our equipment.