In order to meet all your requirements in terms of structures, Structures St-Joseph provides sizes and manufactures and delivers small steel structures to complete or offering of wood structures.


Conventional Structure

By doing business with a single company, you can be sure that the steel structure and wood structure will fit together perfectly. Our specially trained team will ensure that the materials fit together impeccably. Whether you require long-span beams or simple steel columns, consider entrusting us with your project and keep your worries to a minimum.

Do you want a stringer preinstalled on a steel beam in the factory, or would you like the beam filled with wood to receive the clamps? Contact our estimate department for the prices of these components that will facilitate and accelerate the construction.


Special Clamps

Standard clamps provided by USP may not always meet requirements. If required due to particular geometry or for specific capacities, the Structures St-Joseph team can also size and manufacture customized clamps for your project.