Over 50 Years of Expertise in the Manufacturing of Wooden Structural Components



Clermont Lessard and his son Raymond start Tusco enr. in a 1200 sq ft location in Saint-Joseph-des-Érables. The company manufactures mobile home roof trusses made of sawn lumber and plywood gussets nailed and glued for its client Glendale Quebec. Within a year, the company doubles its manufacturing area and hires four additional employees.


Purchase of a hydraulic press to switch from plywood to metal gussets.


The business changes name and becomes Les Fermes Clermont Lessard inc. However, it is known in the field under the name Lessard Trusses. It adds to its product offer modular house roof trusses and participates in R&D tests to improve the performance of hinged trusses for the modular industry.


A second building is purchased in the Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce industrial district where the company still operates today. Manufacturing of roof trusses for the residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors is then added.


Raymond Lessard, then president of the company, dies suddenly in a car accident. His wife inherits the company and decides to sell part of it to her brother-in-law Gaétan Doyon who will remain president for several years. The remaining portion of the company is passed on to Raymond’s son, Harold Lessard.


The company changes its name to Structures Saint-Joseph ltée. It has 25 employees at the time.


For just over 10 years, both owners work to expand the family business, which sets itself apart by its productivity and quality of its wooden structure components. Mr. Doyon decides to retire and sells his shares to Yvan Bégin. At that time, the company has 40 employees.

In the years that followed, Mr. Bégin and Mr. Lessard worked together to develop the business:

  • Addition of open-web floor joists to its product line
  • Development of the US market
  • Major investments: expansion, purchase and installation of hydraulic presses, laser systems, delivery trucks and automated saws


Pierre-André, Mr. Bégin’s son, joins the team. Over the next few years, the company decides to offer a complete range of products for the construction trade: steel structures, engineered wooden products, prefabricated walls and prefabricated floor footings. A second facility was added in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce. A few years later, Yvan’s second son, Jean-Philippe Bégin, joins the company.


Pierre-André and Jean-Philippe Bégin are now in charge of the company.


Structures St-Joseph ltée acquires Adam Lumber inc. based in Waterloo in the Eastern Townships. This alliance is a natural fit between these two family-owned companies that are well known for the quality of their products and services for several years. Both companies will keep on dealing with their respective markets.

Structures St-Joseph still perpetuates this great family history: Harold Lessard, grandson of the founder, as well as Yvan Bégin and his two sons still work together to fulfill the market’s expectations in wood structure building.

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